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Boob Light Reduction

Dear Design Diary,
According to my analytics, my most viewed posts focus on topics pertaining to my house or my closet. Today, we're going to break down my current ceiling lights.

Because I'm triggered.

Someone I follow on Instagram jokingly referred to these fixtures as BOOB LIGHTS and now, it's all I see.

There's a small one in our master bathroom.

And yes, more popcorn ceilings but I'm oddly okay with this.

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There's a boob light in the den in our walk-out. Since this is in an area shared by plumbing for a bar, I feel this needs to be swapped for something fabulous.

Both of the kids have one in their bedrooms.

And so, a Boob Light Reduction has been scheduled for the (hopefully near) future.

This style of flush mount ceiling domes are builder basic, and straight-90s. Admittedly yes, it works as far as lighting goes, but this isn't my style especially now that I only see boobs. I'm sure this post will open an interesting conversation between Nick and I regarding lighting upgrades. He subscribes to the "ceiling fan in every room" concept whereas I do not.

More to come on this, I'm sure.


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