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Paradise in the Pines: More Projects and a Purchase!

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Dear Homeowner Diary,
As I write this post, the first snow of the year is falling outside. I had a feeling we'd have snow by Halloween, and I'm glad I ordered the kids' costumes in the next size up. They'll be layering with their winter coats and snow pants for trick-or-treat!

Nick and I tackled a few more tasks regarding the house.

1. We had the carpets cleaned. You can certainly tell where the high traffic areas are! We utilized the services of Zerorez, and for less than $500, cleaned the entire house. We will be a return customer.

2. I removed a wood paper towel rack that was mounted under a cabinet.

We are utilizing something different for our paper towels, so this had sat empty for a few months. I'm glad it's no longer taking up space in the kitchen, but will probably keep it in case Nick wants to move it into the garage, the utility room or his shop.

3. We bought a new vacuum. Thanks to a $200 Amazon credit (Directv was running a new customer promotion) and having Prime, we picked up a Shark vacuum for $12.11. That price was a major win! You should see how beat to hell our old one was - it was time.

4. I'm putting my pictures into albums. I envision adding these albums to custom shelving I hope to one day install in the library. I probably have a million-plus printed photographs that were once housed in my Hope Chest. I also tossed in a bunch of picture frames and their duplicates, and it was just a mess. Our move kind of forced me to get organized, and I purchased four of these albums on Amazon.
So still nothing major to report, but still moving forward.

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