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Paradise In The Pines: The First Projects

Dear Homeowner Diary,
The first "projects" and work done to our house and surrounding property were maintenance-related. Nothing too exciting, and certainly not worthy of a pretty reveal post, but is something I wanted to document as part of the process. With winter approaching, we prioritized these projects to secure the house as best we could.

FIRST: Septic Pumped
I know, EWW. But certainly necessary. I've made mention that I feel like we're off the grid out here, considering the property is quite self-sufficient (i.e., a well-disguised propane tank, well and, of course, the septic). Nick took point on this task.

SECOND: Driveway Sealed
This was another maintenance-related project that needed to be addressed before the snow fell. The kids had a really smooth surface for bicycle hot laps, basketball, hoverboard cruising and general shenanigans.

THIRD: New Water Softener
As previously mentioned, we're on well water out here and one day, we noticed something was off. Once the new water softener system was installed, everything was back to normal. I think the seller mentioned it was the only "utility" original to the house. The furnace, water heater and A/C were all replaced within the last two years or so.

FOURTH: Replace Madelyn's Window
We hosted Dino's lacrosse team and their families to celebrate their successful summer season. And let's just say, kids know how to party. Observe -

Unfortunately, Madelyn's window was broken.

Secondary to this, we learned during the inspection that the windows would need to be replaced sometime during our tenure of homeownership. Given the home is 23 years old, we were not deterred by the news. The windows on the lower level had some rot, and given the cracked pane, Madelyn's window moved up on the list to receive a bit of a band-aid. (Note: only the pane and sash were replaced here. Nick and I haven't decided on the direction we'll take with the full replacements.)

Much better! I was joking with the crew, because they came to do the repair on Friday the 13th. Broken glass, superstitions ... I hope they didn't feel apprehensive about the job! Apparently I was the only superstitious one.

Madelyn has a lovely view, doesn't she? The home has a lower-level walk-out, and though she enjoys a more spacious bedroom, this is the trade-off. I have been wondering if there are pretty window clings of a forest or something that I could hang and give her something more pleasant to look at. But that's tabled for another time.

Like with all transformations, we have to start somewhere. This is ours.

And with that said, I am emotionally unprepared to deal with the snow.

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