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Lacrosse and Dino's News ...


Hello? Is anyone there?

I apologize for my unintended radio silence here. Though I was *slightly* better at posting on my Instagram, the reason for my absence was out of respect for a request my son made.

It made me realize something. Dino is our first born, the first grandchild and the first great-grandchild on both sides of the family. It’s been difficult to disassociate these “first baby” affections with the fact that he has entered his pre-teen years.

When Dino took the initiative and told Nick and I he wanted to try out for a selective, travel lacrosse team, we told him we would support his efforts. But, we said, this fell on his shoulders. He had to work for it, to prove to the coaches on this team that he deserved to be a part of it. It helped that a large motivator in his mind was a trip to California to play lacrosse on a national stage.

And most importantly, he asked that Nick and I remain silent about it. He didn’t want anyone to know, because this was something he wanted to do for himself, unless it came to the point where he had news to share.

I respected his wishes, putting his request above anything else including posting here, which has been a valuable tool in mass communication with our family.

On Tuesday, we received word that Dino has earned a spot on the 11U Minnesota Chill Winter Lacrosse Travel Team, and on October 30 will begin training for his tourney appearance in California this December.

He was so proud of himself, and smiled. I could also see the confidence in his expression, realizing he believed in himself during this process. And since he had this news to share, he spent Wednesday evening balancing homework and dinner with calling his three sets of grandparents.

The excitement was shared by all, and Dino then permitted me to post his achievement to Facebook for everyone else to see. He has/is inviting all to come out to California to cheer him on.

Later that evening, after hanging up he sighed. “I really hate talking on the phone, Mom,” he admitted. I’m the same way.

This is a new experience for us as ‘sports parents.’ Up until this point, we registered our children in youth sport rec leagues where try-outs weren’t necessary. The intent of these leagues is to get kids interested in the sport first without added pressure. It hung in a delicate balance of society’s judgment of “handing out participation trophies,” and “needing to build attendance in our youth programs.” Dino did get a taste of what it meant to “earn” something with hard work when his team went 5-0, took the number 1 seed and won a local tournament title this past summer.

And now, he learned what it was like to earn a spot on a team regardless of whether or not we paid a registration fee. He saw the difference between relying on his skills and knowledge of a sport and relying on Mom’s checkbook, which I do feel contributes to a more balanced experience as he grows.

Nick and I have remarked many a time that as soon as a particular sport or activity stops being fun, we’ll walk away. There are so many parents who push their kids to continue with something for the sake of their own ego, rather than what benefits their kid. It’s a very fine line between supporting and encouraging their potential, and then doing something for the wrong reason.

So far, lacrosse remains fun. And with Landen having so much ownership over this new role, it has boosted his confidence in not only himself, but also as a player.

Up next … California!

Legends National Cup
Saturday & Sunday, December 16-17, 2017

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