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Fall Youth Sports Review

Dear Diary,
Our fall weekends were consumed with scheduled lacrosse and soccer games.

It's been fun to settle into a camp chair, camera in hand, cheering for the kids as they learn good sportsmanship, fundamentals and teamwork.

Both kids celebrated a few goals, a few wins and walked away feeling good about how they played. I've told them win or lose, make the other team remember they played you.

Soccer put an interesting twist on diabetes management, but we made it work with a packed cooler.

One thing Nick and I resolved, and especially since her diagnosis, is that we would never replace something the kids wanted to do with something else for selfish reasons. We hope Madelyn never feels held back by Diabetes, and we hope Landen feels just as empowered. We had a few interesting moments as Nick returned to flying this season (i.e., meals consumed in our car), but it was worth it to see their smiles at the end of each day.

Up next: Landen's involvement with MN Chill kicks off at the end of the month, and Madelyn hopes to resume swim.

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