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Fall Break at the Farm

Dear Diary,
The kids' enjoyed a 4-day weekend for MEA, and we took advantage of the break in our schedules. My in-laws live on a small slice of heaven and raise farm animals, where the kids spent the majority of their time outdoors. Perhaps the pictures can provide a better recap -

They learned how to ride their Christmas present, which we've brought home so they can tear up the trails. Like their new helmets? They realized something was up when we took them to the store to size and make the purchase. Another kid was eye-balling Landen's pretty hard ...

This barn cat came very close to being kidnapped, as Landen befriended her.

Landen helped his grandfather do some farm work.

Whereas Madelyn made it her job to snuggle the dogs and cats.

Two of the 3 calves are named for their destiny - Burger and T-bone.

Landen with his buddy.

And the fluffiest snuggler to ever snuggle!

Landen's reaction - but whyyyyy can't we just keep him?!

Helping Grandpa release the herd ...

I assure you, Landen will have no trouble passing his driver's test in a few years.

It was a fun, full weekend!

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