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House Inspo: Wood + Marble

Dear Diary,
This is not my idea.
But thanks to Orlando Soria, I think I found a solution to my "how do I make my basic light wood tones appear modern?"

(Pulled from Emily Henderson's blog)

By installing marble countertops.

And dedicating the majority of the renovation budget to that endeavor. We have a lot of prep space, and I'd also install it on the built-in desk.

Then, I'd install gold pulls, knobs and a gold faucet.

And the darker stainless steel that seems to be more on-trend in kitchen appliances.

It'd probably go a long way to updating our kitchen without a complete gut-job of a renovation, which Nick and I have zero intention of doing.

(When we fixed up the Split, our realtor told us that unless you drastically change the home's footprint or add square footage, most renovations don't add much value to the home. Especially when it comes to cosmetic upgrades, they merely increase the marketing appeal. I do find a lot of truth in this, considering the Split photographed well and sold within 36 hours of it hitting the market.)

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