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JDRF Family Fun Day at ValleyFair - Shakopee, MN

Dear Diary,
A promise Nick and I made soon after Madelyn's Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis was to not let it hold her back from anything. It should empower her, not hinder her. Though the disease comes with challenges, we do our best to put her childhood first. I feel content that we are still able to participate in fun activities and travel.
One such example is our recent visit to ValleyFair. JDRF hosted a Family Fun Day on 8/2, which also happened to be Nick's birthday. Unfortunately he had to be in Las Vegas for training.
ValleyFair is a 125-acre amusement park located in Shakopee. Opened in 1976, the park now features 75 rides plus a Midway and arcade. There is an on-site water park included in the admission price.

This picture cracks me up. There is a water ride at the park, which obviously creates a massive splash that soaks the ride's occupants and those who stand on the observation bridge. I don't think the kids expected such a splash. Landen was swallowed up, while Madelyn failed to outrun it.

I'm fairly certain they rode the swings at least 10 times.

Fun Fact: Valleyfair appeared in a scene in the baseball movie Little Big League, with the Corkscrew, Enterprise and High Roller rides visible.

The park is located so close to the Flying Cloud Airport that the FAA imposed a 275-foot height restriction on the rides. In fact, as the kids and I walked around, there were many a vintage warplane and helicopter flying overhead.

In a way, ValleyFair reminded me a lot of the Kemah Boardwalk in Texas, which we had visited in October 2015.

The carousel came from the Excelsior Amusement Park, which closed in 1973. Though the High Roller roller coaster is one of the first rides constructed at ValleyFair, the carousel is the park's oldest having been established in 1925.

The weather was perfect, sun was warm and the day was fun! I'm certain we will return, but probably with a picnic lunch. My only reservation was how expensive the food was and how slow the service seemed.

If you go:
1 ValleyFair Drive, Shakopee, MN 55379
Parking starts at $17 and ticket prices start at $35


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