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The Last Summer Lacrosse Game - Shakopee, MN

Dear Diary,

On July 19, Landen played the last "official" lacrosse game of the summer season.

A couple weekends ago, Landen's team took the top spot at a tournament for his U10 age group. It was without a doubt a highlight, and the glory of the accomplishment was celebrated.

It got me thinking though - the firsts are just as important.

The first catch ...

The first completed pass, the first time cradling the ball without dropping it, the first goal ... there is also glory in the beginning because it provides a foundation to build upon.

In this game, Landen played midfielder and was called upon to assist in the firsts of a few of his teammates who just started playing the sport this season.

One of whom, scored his first ever goal.

(Going to X to set up the shot ...) 

His firsts began when he was 5. Now, we watch to discover where it leads.

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