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Pan-o-Prog Grand Parade - Lakeville, MN

Dear Diary,

This became an impromptu girls date when the brother decided he was too cool for parades.

2017 turned Madelyn into a Professional Parade Watcher of sorts. From the moment I parked, she instructed we find a shady spot close to the beginning of the route.

Shade is important! But thankfully, the parade was due to start at 5:30 p.m. so the sting of the sun wasn't as intense.

Make sure you have a bag.

And be visible! You can't get candy if you aren't seen. And there is nothing more visible than neon.

Cartwheels help.

Pan-o-Prog is short for "Panorama of Progress," and the city festival is in its 51st year. It started in 1967 as a celebration to commemorate the growth and activity of Lakeville. Over 20,000 people were expected to line the streets of the parade route, so clearly the tradition has carried forward. 

There were a few fly-overs, so naturally ... I snapped them. And yes - the flecks you see in those pictures are bugs, and evidence my lens is due for a cleaning.

Few things remind me of high school like the marching band. I judge whether or not the marchers are roll-stepping and if their lines are crisp ...

And there were many drum lines, which were very entertaining!

The vintage fire engine was a hit!

The horses in the parade were incredibly patient with the curious children, and this one seemed to love the attention.

She needed a moment in the shade.

Hot air balloons also flew overhead. You definitely don't see this everyday!

One of the parade exhibits were "branding" kids (it's eye black) as they passed, and since someone isn't shy ...

Finally, this was perhaps the coolest thing I've seen in a while. Traditional Aztec dancers dressed in brilliant costumes, dancing to pounding drum beats and the sight captivated me. It was beautiful.

After 3 hours, Madelyn and I finally left at 8 p.m. because we were hungry! The parade hadn't even finished yet. Still, it was a fun introduction to the city we just moved to ...

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