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Mid-Season Summer Lacrosse

Dear Diary,
The lacrosse season continues, and I captured some fun action shots.

The speed of one of Landen's teammates is unbelievable. Observe -

Landen took a couple of face-offs in a recent game.

And here he is getting it done with another one of his teammates ...

Landen (#27) listening to a ref's call. I think the Tigers lost possession, hence the somber reactions.

(Tigers v. Shakopee, final score 5-3 Tigers)

(Tigers v. Eden Prairie, final score 5-0 Tigers)

The majority of my pictures are a little one-sided with my child being the focus. I try to take a variety during games and tournaments to upload to the team's site, so that way my fellow parents can pull something similar of their own child. The team does have professional (posed) photos taken each season, but it just doesn't compare to regulation play.

Come September 1st, Landen moves up to the next age group (12U) and this has been such a large part of our lives for the past 4 years.

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