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House Inspiration: Rustic Lodge

Dear Diary,
These are not my ideas.
But first, a disclaimer meant as much for Nick as it is for everyone else - we are not ready to begin the process of fixing up our new house. However, in that same breath, I would be lying if I didn't admit to being drawn to a few of the images I've found online.
When Nick and I are ready to roll up our sleeves again, it's my hope that posts of this nature serve as a "mood board" of sorts - a place to collect and organize my ideas to avoid a cluttered mind.
(Pulled from Joanna Gaines' blog, Magnolia, discussing one of the Fixer Upper homes)
Why this inspires me: we have a 2-sided fireplace that separates a formal living space from our family room. It's easily a focal point, and I know I'll appreciate having it when a Minnesota winter strikes. Our fireplace is flanked by wood columns (which are beautiful and in good condition), and I asked Nick how he felt about covering the rest in stone.
The stone would balance the wood we have throughout, and set the tone for a cozy, lakeside "lodge" theme.

... which would be fitting, since Lake Marion is near.
I also really like the wood trim on the windows and white baseboards. It's a fresh aesthetic that works to update the space. And I have a large bottle in a similar blue glass that begs for a similar placement beside the stone.
(A Jenna Sue home project)
Why this inspires me: when you enter the house from the garage, you find yourself in a small but narrow hallway with a tiny closet at the opposite end. There isn't much space for typical (and expected) mud room furnishings, but I was immediately inspired by this idea. It would provide a clean, streamlined and intentional space for the kids to hang their coats and backpacks when we return home, but wouldn't overwhelm the hallway.
(Another Jenna Sue room)
Why this inspires me: the master bath has dual sinks, and though the counter space isn't as defined as this, I like the idea of covering the wall behind it with accent tile.
 (Free download from the Magnolia blog here.)
Why this inspires me: it's fresh. I think I'd hang the collection in black gallery frames in the guest bedroom.

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