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Flowers on 215th

Dear Photography Diary,

I'm documenting more of our property today, as we've discovered more flowers have bloomed.

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These brilliant purple flowers cascade up a ladder alongside the house.

Dirt Road Anthem ...

The view from our formal living room is lush and very green. The comment was made that I must post pictures of the property in its fall color glory. That's partial motivation for posting these pictures today - comparisons.

Right now, in addition to the Kelly Green leaves and brush, purple wildflowers dot the landscape. A sharp eye is required to see the deer that feed.

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Our property is close to the Interstate, but to be honest, the bullfrogs that call this pond across the street home are much louder than the traffic. It's all translated into a white noise that makes restful sleep possible. I cannot believe how well the whole family sleeps at night.

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