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But Why Are People Drinking Lattes Out Of Avocados?

This is what happens when the smashed avocado and coffee obsessions make a baby:

The Avolatte.

My question is why - why would you do this?

The creator, Truman Café in Melbourne, Australia, admits this was a joke (thank God). However, the hipster culture latched onto this and seemingly declared it "a wonderful time to be alive" as it trends on social media.

Combined with the Cafe's admission this started as a prank, I am also pleased to see the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Twitter account insist they are not on board. Don't make "avolattes" a thing. I cannot imagine what this combination tastes like, other than a poor decision.

Is this perhaps what recent headlines were referencing, that millenials throw their money away on smashed avocados instead of saving it for a down payment on a house? The Internet has since fired back at this millionaire mogul's comment.

It takes the notion of "the latte factor" in personal finance to a whole 'nother level ...

It's one I am not ascending.

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