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At Home - Summer Holiday Weekend Review

Dear Diary,
The Fourth of July holiday brought a welcome reprieve from what feels like an overscheduled reality.
I did my best to keep my phone secluded and keep the iPads hidden, considering the amount of green space we had at our disposal.
Days off meant slower living.
Taking in a little shooting practice while the skies threatened rain.

Landen had a teammate over one day, and the kids caught 8 frogs and toads. They're all pictured above. Can you spot them? Landen also rescued a chipmunk that had fallen into a deep window well. His long defender's stick came in handy!

Then, Maddie went swimming in her friend's pool. Landen helped his dad mow the back-40.

Trees were trimmed and brush piles were burned. The flames, at one point, became pretty intense. This particular burn pit is within 50-or-so feet of our propane tank, so a water screen was created. There's an even larger pile scheduled to be burned on the back of the property, but without water access, we may need to move it closer to the house. I am a little concerned ...

This picture was taken at 9:30 p.m.

I must admit, I'm glad Madelyn has taken an interest in photography. It's a fun outlet of expression and sometimes, therapy. She proudly took the reins of the shutter during a walk through our trails this past weekend.

(Really like this one she took.)

We took in Apple Valley's parade, and met up with the family of Maddie's friend. It was hot, the sun was very direct, but the kids seemed to have fun hustling the parade floats for their treats and hand-outs. Madelyn especially was not shy. Landen met a college lacrosse player, so as you can imagine, they had a lot to talk about. We went to Lakeville's fireworks later that evening, and the grand finale did not disappoint.

(The only fireworks picture I managed to capture ...)
Back to reality today, and it was a bit of a struggle to get going. I don't know if it's the fresh air or the sunshine, but since moving into the new house, we've slept hard and long. I've read somewhere that restful sleep comes not with clear schedules and completed to-do lists, but with peace. I suppose this means, even with the chaos of the everyday, that we must be doing something right?

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