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Paradise In The Pines: The Plan (for now)

Dear Diary,

Nick issued a 2-year moratorium on all major house projects, and truthfully I welcome the reprieve.

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For the short term, I will be leaving everything you saw in these photographs as-is. I'm glad I documented the state of our "before," our beginning, or whatever poignant word we assign to our starts.

That’s right. No painting, no refinishing, nothing will be ripped out, torn down or remodeled. This isn’t a decision due to finances, but rather, certainty. Before I start making major changes, I want to be absolutely certain it will work for this house and for our tastes. I do not want to go on such a spree, only to hate the changes we made and the work we did in a year or two.

This home is our long-term, if not our forever home. I can take a moment to really consider what the next step will be, then make a decision in confidence. 

For now though, it’s to just be still.

Sure I have ideas, and I have admitted how inspired I am by the home’s potential.

But we just met. 

We need to get better acquainted first.

I need to spend a few more mornings here with a hot cup of coffee (or evenings with a glass of wine, let’s be honest). 

I need to host a few out-of-town guests in this room.

We need to have a few parties, and celebrate a holiday or two. Hell, I have yet to even cook a true meal in that kitchen (take-out for the win). 

Until I get a feel for everything this place has to offer, which features are just waiting to be highlighted, and where I need to focus my attention to remedy something, our “beginning” will also be our “currently.”

We will continue this story, of course, but we will save the narration for another time.


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