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June: A Month of Transition

Dear Diary,
June has taught me a simple truth about life, in that change happens slowly and then, all at once.

Before the boxes were unpacked after our move, Nick boarded a flight bound for Atlanta and the next stage of his career. He was set to officially become an mainline pilot.

And you know what? This has been his childhood dream. It has been mine for him since we were 18 years old, still children ourselves. Each decision we made supported the accomplishment of this dream, and to find ourselves at this point ... it's just awesome.

People get married for reasons that stretch beyond love. We all seek for someone to be a witness to our lives, a partner.

We have the added cheer squad of a pair of children, who got to check out the simulators on Dad's last day as a SIM instructor ...

... and swapping seats, of course, so both could experience the Captain's perspective. 

To celebrate new pilot hires, the airline hosts a 'welcome dinner' with the spouses at Delta's museum and headquarters. The airline positive-spaced me (aka, I had a confirmed seat listed on my ticket) to Atlanta, where I met Nick.

I will fully admit, sitting at the gate ... watching the safety briefing ... I felt myself getting a little teary-eyed. Aviation is a difficult career field to not only get into, but to live in. As much as I trust Nick's skill and training, I respect the fact that airplanes are still mechanical. I respect that things may not go as planned. But I also respect and am grateful for the lifestyle and rewards aviation has granted my husband, myself and my children. 

There were good times, and there were hard times - but there were never any bad times. I remember screaming and celebrating with the kids in the aisles of Target when Nick announced he was hired. And now, we're here - at the start of a 30-year career with a major airline, and the achievement of a childhood dream.

So many of our college friends (also pilots) have been hired with the major airlines in the past year, so the celebrations have been shared tenfold. It's been so fun to not only witness the accomplishments of those we essentially grew up with, but especially the man with whom I share this life.

Airport Malbec to kick off the festivities ...

If I was proud then, I'm not sure how to catalog what I currently feel. Sixteen years have passed since those early moments, and now, I'm taking his arm as Delta's newest hire to celebrate the journey that brought us here. I'm most proud of the example he has set for our children - to pursue the dream, not the money. To never give up in the face of challenges, and no matter what, keep moving forward. The money will always come, but it's the dream that brings purpose, fulfillment and happiness.

I've got nothing to do today but smile.

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