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On Owning A Home ...

I’ve posted about my experiences of buying our first house, of fixing it up as we lived in it, and of selling it. 

Admittedly, it is something I’m proud of. But considering I’ve only one house to speak of, by no means do I consider myself an expert on this topic. I have no formal training, no real interior design credentials beyond knowing what I like and don’t like, and certainly no qualifications to offer any sort of professional advice on the matter.

While I do believe the advice, direction and guidance of a professional is worthwhile, I also think the perspective of a fellow peer and homeowner can be beneficial as well.

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These posts reflect on what we did, how we did it, the lessons we’ve learned and how it’s shaped the decisions and direction we’ll take for our next home. I enjoy sharing this perspective, while also documenting it for our own prosperity. It is never my intent to “show you the way” or sound preachy, because I know it may not be relevant to the lifestyle of one of my readers. That’s okay! I love it when these social platforms are a place to bounce ideas on, and if mine help a reader in some way, then great. But if not, I’m still grateful you to took the time to read about it.

I’ll be honest that a few of the blogs I’ve referred to while I walk my own path, is Jenna Sue Designs and the Blake Hill House. While I find Jenna Sue to be very fresh and modern, I enjoy reading about the historic preservations and updates happening at Blake Hill. These bloggers are working with two very different styles, but both have managed to pass on plenty of ideas for my own work.

Nothing to it but to do it, as they say.

As my experiences evolve, my knowledge base grows and I learn new things, I will be documenting it here. I've enjoyed looking back on what I've posted about the Tri-Level, so it will be interesting to watch the journey unfold with the next home. Will you be following along?

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