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New York Real Estate No Longer Surprises Me

Dear Diary,
New York City.

I fully appreciate the irony that is admitting I love NYC while simultaneously signing papers to purchase a 10-acre property in a rural area within the Twin Cities. But what I can't appreciate, is the design aesthetic of a newly renovated studio apartment in Chelsea.

So in today's episode of "crazy ass real estate," let's explore this listing.

First reported here, we're going to examine the floor plan. With the bargain sale price of $469,000 buyers don't even have the luxury of knowing how much square feet they're throwing down for. Apparently that's a rule. Unless you have a million dollars to start, square footage isn't revealed.

Or something. What do I know?
The studio is tucked into a building built in 1899, and the listing is sure to add that you'll have to climb "three easy flights" to get to it. Umm. I've climbed stairs in New York City. They're not what I would call "easy," especially when it's a part of the subway system and you're pulling a giant suitcase stuffed with clogs. I digress (story for another day!) The floor plan appeared to show some storage space, and the Murphy bed was a convenient choice. I was curious about the renovations though.

To the pictures we go!

Here we have the library/living room/dining room. I actually like the floors, and the light walls and ceiling were a wise design decision.

Another angle - I love the white-painted brick and the rustic floating shelves. The thick baseboards are nice and simple, and though I wouldn't choose a mirrored dresser for myself, the reflective surface helps to visually expand the space. And if we're being honest here, I really love the view from the windows.

Ahh, city skylines.

To live here, one must embrace minimalism.

The bathroom is updated ...


This picture was taken in the studio's doorway.

Where are the f&%$ing bathroom walls?! And the sunken tub is in the ... kitchen?

(Apparently Homey is minimal in all areas except shoes.)

Since it's being marketed as a "renovated" studio apartment (for $469,000), this was a conscious choice.

Someone opted not to add A WALL to the bathroom, that is just off the kitchen and fully visible to the rest of the dwelling.

You can see that sink in the picture of the kitchen.

Look, I'm sure high-quality materials were selected and it looks like the work was done with skill and expertise. I also get New Yorkers desire their tiny closet-sized apartments to be open and airy.

But this is just too much.

The definition of "airy" took a giant leap into the realm of ...

I don't even know. Thoughts?

Full credit goes to Apartment Therapy. I had to share my WTF reaction!

UPDATE: I FOUND THE LISTING ON REALTOR.COM - they dropped the price to $449,000! ... Almost half a million dollars for an open concept bathroom.

Virtual Staging? Pretty decor though. 


  1. a property like this in New York will cost a lot. I have spent nearly 5 year in Minnesota real estate market. Twin cities is one of great places for my investment.