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iPhone Camera Roll

I take enough photos that I'm confident I could complete one of those "365 Photo-a-Day" challenges, but for whatever reason, never dedicate myself to the endeavor.

Still, I enjoy taking pictures. My goal is to start carrying my Canon with me more, but I cannot deny the convenience of my phone. For your viewing pleasure -

So many wishes in one picture ... I just WISH they'd stop causing my eye allergies to go berserk.

Chicago's skyline, showing off. (This was shot on my Canon.)

Few things announce Spring's arrival like a flower bed full of tulips. (Shot on my Canon.)

Taking a picture of my Mom taking a picture of my sister and brother-in-law (also on my Canon).

Final image shot with my Canon - my mom and my brother; sums up their relationship quite nicely, I must say.

OPI Pompeii Purple - new favorite nail polish shade (and that's saying a lot since I rarely paint my nails anymore!)

House Rules: I bought this pattern for my guest bathroom. I also received a book of sassy cross-stitch patterns, so a "not your grandma's cross stitch" gallery wall is planned ...

Minnesota welcomed the month of May with snow flurries.

And Big Brother helped Little Sister with her homework one evening.

Our resident fashionista showed off her outfit at Landen's lacrosse practice ...

But when the other Lacrosse Sisters don't show, you're left to improvise.

Wasting away a Sunday at the Bourbon Butcher arcade ...

And a Saturday spent in a sports dome for a lacrosse skills clinic ...

I asked the kids if I could take their picture. This is what they did.

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