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Our Tri-Level Split: The Final Three

Dear Renovation Diary,
This is the Home Stretch.

What's funny, is this all started when Madelyn transitioned to her twin bed. I thought to myself, well we might as well paint her room ...

... Then I realized I wasn't a fan of the baseboards that didn't go with the white trim of the new windows, and the doors were lacking the 6-panel aesthetic we prefer.

... Next came Landen's bedroom and the bathroom makeover. Now, we're wrapping up our project list and closing in on the satisfying finish line.

And finally, in between lacrosse practices and games and house-hunting and the like, check out what has occupied our free time:

1. Painting the downstairs 3/4-bath. It was yellow. Still completely functional, and we opted to keep everything as you see it, except for the color scheme.

I'm not afraid of color, but this sunny bathroom wasn't cohesive with the rest of the house. With leftover paint, I gave it a familiar gray hue. And bonus - since the vanity and baseboards were already white, a quick touch-up was all that was needed.

After about two days, we had this. A pair of sunglasses is no longer needed!

2. New flooring in the entry/kitchen/dinette. I love this flooring. I love it so much I'm going to keep a sample and install it in every house I live in from here on out. Hopefully it's never discontinued, because I'm not joking.

God bless this mess. 

Still a mess, but THOSE FLOORS!

3. Cleaning up the cabinets. I acted on a tip from Nick's stepdad, and used Old English to resurrect the cabinetry. It was all original to the house, and due to a time crunch, we opted to restore them to their original state and shine. You can see a peek of their result in the top right corner. Light just bounced off the surfaces, and seemed to follow us throughout the room.

With the exception of touching up paint, the remodel is finished! Tomorrow I'll post the final tour.

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