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Location, Location, Location ...

I admitted to a friend of mine that I could pack up and move to a city center in a heartbeat - a New York Minute. The energy of a downtown sustains me, catapults me through the day even - and through it all, I am surrounded by the innocence of an anonymous crowd doing exactly the same.

I grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee, and now I call the suburbs of Minneapolis home. In my three decades, I've never strayed too far from an urban metropolis. Even now, with my close proximity and at a home that rests on almost 3/4-acre, I like to think I could still make this kind of transition.

One ordinary evening called into question that train of thought in its entirety. 

We had just returned home from our separate schedules of work and school, converged on our small corner of the world, but soon retreated to our sunlit backyard before dinner. A pick-up lacrosse game ensued. The kids were out-running their father as they threw and caught lacrosse balls, and it struck me immediately that this may not be possible on a city lot.

Plus, to downsize my children's backyard would certainly spell my doom.

Could they make such a transition?

I knew that answer was NO.

We enjoy visiting, traveling to and exploring new cities and their vibrant skylines.

But our "come home to" place must have space to roam, and run, and climb and perhaps lose oneself a little. In all honesty - just because Nick and I work in urban environments, it doesn't necessarily mean we need to live in one.

At least, not while we raise a pair of energetic children.

Currently, Nick and I stand at the beginning of a journey with a destination yet to be determined. We have outgrown our home, and we have the resources to purchase a larger one. But where? Conversations with our realtor have proven - the right house just finds you.

I know the general area I wish to seek it, but it's exact location remains a bit of a mystery.

I do believe however, a city home is not the home for us. Isn't it interesting how people arrive at such a realization?

So, I guess we will see what lies ahead on this path ...

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