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Kitchen Cravings Beyond Food

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I’ve never considered myself extraordinary in the kitchen.

My desire to improve my cooking dimmed considerably with a couple of food-related diagnoses within my family. I don’t intend to assign blame or anything like that for it is no one’s fault, but it is a fact. Preparing meals became utilitarian – an end to a means, merely. With a list of ingredients and foods memorized that I needed to keep clear of, while also memorizing how much insulin would be required to cover what we do eat – my kitchen had become quite cold, quite quickly.

Combine this with our overscheduled lifestyle, and cooking was always an afterthought. It was always the last thing I wanted to do after a day spent at work. I learned a few quick dinner recipes that required minimal effort and negotiating, and fell head first into a routine that has become painfully dull.

The truth is, I want to get excited about cooking again.
I want my kitchen to be an extension of my affections to my husband and our kids.
I want to learn, and explore, and cook my way through a cookbook, and let the experience change me both as a cook and as a person.
I want to explore food photography, and learn how to best pair wines or bourbons with it.
I want to create beautiful plates that rival the techniques of the chefs on Food Network, and in world class restaurants.

I’m not looking to revolutionize the culinary arts here. I just want to make it fun again.

Unfortunately, I have been all talk and no action lately.

It was months ago that I received Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook – my excitement over it was genuine, but it wasn’t enough for me to write an ingredient list and get started.

I have a Mexico cookbook on my wish list. Nick and I are quite fond of the cuisine, but I haven’t brought it home.

I also have a vintage cocktails recipe book saved. I’m not looking to find fancy ways to get drunk, but I do believe a world is capable of opening up over a cocktail and a good story.

Yet, instead of experiences to share, I only have excuses. “Someday …” I say. “I’ll purchase with my next paycheck.” Or, as I put away the same groceries as I did the week before, “I’ll try again next week.” There is nothing wrong with getting stuck in a rut, but the key is pulling yourself back out.

Step 1: Hit publish to spread the word so the Internet holds you accountable …

To be continued.

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