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How a Pair of Clogs Changed My Life

Dear Diary,

Once upon a time, a pair of handmade Swedish clogs came into my life and opened up a world of possibility.

I do not remember the "when," likely because it feels like it has always been there. I've met extraordinary people - people I consider to be my close friends. I've experienced incredible opportunities as well, from writing copy for the company, to modeling their products, to representing them at trade shows, to seeing firsthand how they are made in Sweden.

It's true, the old saying - a pair of shoes can change your life.

Sandgrens Clogs has a longstanding history of creating its iconic styles in the passed-down tradition of forging each pair by hand.

For this reason, each pair is unique. They are comfortable, versatile and incredibly durable - shoes that withstand the revolving door of fashion trends, and regular wear. In fact, I wore a pair of clog heels to my sister's wedding, and last the full day in them. I just cannot say that about a pair of pumps or stilettos.

And I'm grateful for it all, not only for the bump in my shoe collection. I learned a lot about myself, about time management, about perspective. I've learned to jump in headfirst the moment I feel myself being pulled, and never look back. It's improved my confidence, helped me grow as a creative writer, expanded my personal communication skills, and taught me to always consider the potential. Though the vehicle came in the form of fashion, the function of such lessons has benefited so many facets of who I am today. And it continues to inspire me.

Beautiful things start happening when you step outside your comfort zone.

What inspires you?

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