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Find of the Week: The Straw Tote

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Some trends I overlook; others I latch on to. Last summer, I fell down the rabbit hole that was the straw tote trend. I knew immediately how I would use it:

(See? We hadn't even painted our home's interior yet!)

Though this is a highly seasonal bag, I am glad I purchased one.

It's huge - I've packed it for outdoor lacrosse games and tournaments, and our trips to the lake. It's carried beach toys, towels, water shoes, sunscreen, snacks, water bottles and of course, Madelyn's kit. It was very convenient, and as we prepare for another summer of lacrosse and lakeside fun; I guarantee I will be relying on this tote.

Because of it's construction, I wasn't worried about it getting wet or getting sand on it. This bag had both form and function, even though it's styling was only appropriate for summer.

Though the market is saturated with a wide selection of styles, designers and price points, I purchased Target's version. I paid less than $25, which considering it's size and durability, was a bargain. I would be too scared to carry around the higher-priced designer versions.

It is put on such frequent rotation in the summer that it's cost-per-wear is justified. We can debate the "investing in the quality" of the Mar Y Sol straw tote, but I can assure you my Target bag stood up every demand I put it through.

Unfortunately, this exact bag is no longer available. Target released a new version for 2017, and I made sure to include the variety of price points I mentioned before.

What do you think? Will you be carrying a straw tote on your summer adventures?

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