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Beautiful Split Level Homes

I'm willing to bet not even the best wordsmith, Scrabble champion nor esteemed writer would use the word "beautiful" to describe a Split Level home. 

While our remodel hasn't been a complete gut-job or total reconfiguration, and we haven't added square footage, I do think we accented the advantages our Tri-Level Split has to offer. I've found other examples of Split Level remodels (i.e., on a larger scale than mine) worthy of a silent honor - there is potential here. And to possess potential, well - it's all so inspiring.

I really like this remodel - the green, the stonework, the Craftsman elements; it's stunning. I feel those window boxes should have been carried throughout the front of the house, but that is such a minor criticism that it holds zero effect on my overall opinion. The house is gorgeous.

According to the source, the "before" was a basic, low-lying Split Level. The renovations added a new story, and the aesthetic makes me think of Cape Cod. I can almost hear the gulls as ships come in from the sea. Isn't it lovely?

Isn't this unique? While it doesn't fit my personal tastes, it is masterfully done and a work of art. I'd go as far as to describe it as the architectural equivalent of a Picasso painting.

Do these pictures pique your interest? 

The most important part of house hunting is the open mind. 

Look beyond the wall paper, the paint color, the layout - and instead, consider the potential. If a home has "good bones," then the sky is the limit. Split Levels, in my opinion (and based on my experience) are one of the home styles that seem to possess the highest potential of what could be.

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