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We Are Teaching Our Children How To Be Bored.

We are teaching our children how to be bored.

It's an interesting concept, I know.

(This is what we're trying to redirect from.)

We are raising two children in the era of the iPad, the Almighty App, the Netflix Queue. I know this, I have been judged for this. I know the value of this, as the technology will not go away. But I also know it is vital to teach our children how to be bored.

These days, it can make a brain work better.

I believe there is a balance that must be achieved in childhood. One that includes play, of course; and with our children in school - an integrated school no less, with everything they study loaded on their iPads, they also need opportunity.

"You have an imagination, a room full of books and toys, a cabinet full of coloring books, and crayons, and craft projects you could make," I tell them. "Make a decision."

Sure their instinct is to throw them self into the floor and whine and cry about it, but I calmly resume my task. They soon realize I will not feed their tantrum. They soon find something else to do.

And I also understand that self-play only lasts for so long. Because when they come to me and ask if we can play a game, Go Fish, or to read a story - I will do it. And likely play a few rounds or read multiple stories, because at home, their parents are still their favorite playmate. 

What should we do with these wrapping paper tubes? I prompt them. SWORD FIGHT!

What snack would Zeus the oversized bear, or Baby, or Bunny eat? 

Let's watch the sky. What shapes do the clouds make?

I love reading. Reading is the best way to explore new worlds without ever leaving your house. Do you picture the story in your mind as you read? I do this most often with Landen.

And sometimes, it's practicing long division on the pavement with chalk instead of on a screen or on paper to make learning fun.

I know the world is overstimulated. I know I hold my children's key to taking a break. Time wasted, is NOT time wasted. 

I know it's my responsibility to help their brains grow. I do the best I can. And the current lesson to teach is that of being bored.

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