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WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: Swagbucks v. eBates

Have you tried any of these online rewards sites? I can confirm they indeed provide value, but I admit they've proven more useful to me in the past than they do now. The basic premise is that you are rewarded with PayPal Cash or gift cards to major retailers for performing online tasks you may or may not do anyway (like searches or shopping).
It can feel like a scam, however; and unfortunately, some are. Always trust your intuition on this.
Two of the sites I will be reviewing are not scams.
First let's take a look at Swagbucks, and this site provides the best introduction I've been able to find. Here are my personal (current) stats:
As you can see, I've earned the equivalent of $318 since I joined. I just cashed in my Swagbucks for $28 worth of Amazon gift cards.

In the interest of full disclosure though, I will be pulling away from Swagbucks and not utilizing the site much, if at all. Admittedly, it can be time-consuming and tedious, and just not much of a priority for me to participate.

Now, let's examine eBates because I am sure you've seen the television commercials or social media posts. I joined the site almost 3 years ago, but I do not use it much at all. I also haven't pushed my referral code on others to use to sign up, so my earnings are very minimal.

With this site, if you don't gain referrals you have to spend a lot to earn a lot. This cyclical nature does not appeal to me.
Admittedly, I will shop through it during the holidays. I have an $11.40 check coming from those purchases. But other than Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, my account on eBates will remain dormant for most of the year.

What's your perspective with these sites?

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