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Fact: I own one.

Specifically, I own an Iowa Hawkeye one that I jokingly requested as a gift and my family called my bluff, and delivered. I LOVE IT.

My son also loves it though, because he often steals it from me; prompting me to cry out "respect the Snuggie!"

So imagine my relief upon reading this article that answers the historical debate - is the Snuggie a blanket or a shirt?

Those damn sleeves, man. It's thrown us into a tailspin.

I'm so glad our Judicial system took the time to rule on this issue. I wasn't sure I'd feel safe in my home anymore until I knew which classification would go on the books.

According to the article, a federal court ruled earlier this month that Snuggies, known as the As Seen On TV 'blanket with sleeves,' was indeed a BLANKET and "live" as a separate entity from robes or priestly vestments.

Someone with a law degree ruled on this. Is this not the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard?! And this is coming from a fan with a long-held fascination in law.

The ruling goes against the Justice Department's argument that Snuggies are apparel, and therefore, should be "subjected to higher duties than blankets."

Reading further, it continues to state that THERE WAS A TRIAL ... and the Customs and Border Protection was in the wrong to classify it as such.

(Accurate depiction of my face, while reading this article, while wearing my Snuggie ...)

There goes my plan to post on my blog about how I styled my Snuggie for the office. #linkinprofile

The court argument was centered around the product's own marketing as a blanket ... THE BLANKET WITH SLEEVES, and that the product is more likely to be used by people "in the types of situations one might use a blanket; for example, while seated or reclining on a couch or bed, or outside cheering on a sports team."

To which I say, EFFING DUH.

The judge's opinion was that the sleeves were simply "not enough" to classify Snuggies as clothing, as it merely allowed the user to "engage in certain activities requiring the use of their hands."

I love America.

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