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I'm Not Apologizing.

Dear Renovation Diary,

In the process of putting our house together, we’ve torn everything apart.

God bless this mess.

It was on Halloween when we decided to paint the interior. Everything was in complete disarray, furniture where it shouldn’t be, edges still taped off, and random piles of clutter that brought on a little anxiety.

The house was in a state of utter chaos, so you know what we did?

We invited people over.

We took Landen and Madelyn trick-or-treating around our neighborhood, and all the while, we had some fun with friends. 

When we returned to the house, despite its unsightly and unkempt appearance, they hung out. The conversations continued, as did the laughter. 

It was then I realized I need not apologize for the state of my house.

It was like an Avalanche of DUH had cascaded upon me – no shit my house will be disordered. We’re renovating it. The mess is to be expected. Therefore, I'm not letting it prevent the opportunity for some fun, companionship and spending time with those we care about.

So I’m not apologizing.

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