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Crushing that Bucket List: #88 Pose With A Figure At A Wax Museum

Dear Diary,

If you review my ‘101 in 1001’ list, you’ll notice an entry that aims to “pose with a figure at a Wax Museum.”

On February 10, I knocked that one out of the park by visiting a Wax Museum that puts Madam Tussaud’s to shame. (In the interest of full disclosure, I'm marking this as "done" because it was such a PROUD MOM moment for me.)

As part of a school project to study historical figures and learn public speaking, the fourth grade at the kids’ school curated their own Wax Museum. The students chose their icon, researched and prepared a brief biography about him or her, then set up a “booth” complete with full costume.

I was completely impressed with not only the kids’ attention to detail, but also how poised and articulate they were. There were quite a few parents gathered, and if the kids were nervous about the crowd, they did a good job to overcome it.

Landen chose Henry Ford - creator of the Model T, the efficient production assembly line, and the 5-day work week.

Good job, Landen!

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