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2016: The Year I Wore Less Makeup

Dear Diary,

In 2016 I wore less makeup, and used less product and heat styling on my hair.

This does not mean I swore it off completely - there were a handful of times I applied it. I like makeup. I am loyal to a particular brand of makeup, so this also isn't an ill reflection of that. I just wanted to break the chains I felt were burdening me. 

I wanted to stop feeling like it was something I had to do, and encourage it to be something I wanted to do.

And on days I didn't, I wanted to feel like it wasn't a big deal.

I think I succeeded, because I am just as comfortable going without makeup as I am going with.

_A single can of hairspray and a single can of mousse has lasted throughout the entire year.

_My hair is really low maintenance so it doesn't require salon touch-ups. Plus, I made the decision to continue to grow my hair to donate to make wigs for those who need it more than me.

_I threw out my curling iron because I don't remember the last time I used it. I still have my basic straightener and hair dryer though, because even though they rarely see the light of day, I do pull them out on occasion.

_The makeup brand I'm loyal to is kind of pricey. I haven't had to buy replacement products. With regular brush cleanings, I've also been able to extend the life of my tools. (That last sentence is stating the obvious I'm sure, as those regular cleanings should be a part of any beauty routine.) I've saved a lot of money in this area in 2016.

The bottom line: I feel better. And isn't that always the end goal?

To feel better about oneself?

Furthermore, we do not own a scale. I have no idea how much I weigh nor do I care to. I believe a woman's sense of well being should be based on how her clothes fit and how she feels. I do not want to chain my confidence to a number, EVER. If there is one thing I wish to pass on to my daughter, this would be it. 

I didn't tell many people about this experiment, because I didn't think it was their experiment to comment on. This was something I did for me, and if my beauty routine is of that much concern to someone else, then it was further motivation for me to move forward.

Now in 2017, I intend to apply makeup on days I WANT to instead of feeling obligated to do so every day.

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