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What's a Journalist Without Press Credentials?

Very few people can relate to, much less comprehend one of my quirks. Truth be told it is one of the reasons I pursued a journalism degree, because I figured it’d allow me to dig into the stories of people and places without much question.

That’s what journalists do – perform background research on a subject they’re about to write a story on, like a pre-introduction of sorts, before the formal one is done at the interview.

Stories. I am obsessed with collecting and chasing stories both my own, and those of others. This obsession has cultivated an appreciation for history, and the romantic thought that this blog is writing my first draft. More than ever, my camera (I’ve discovered I lean toward photojournalism styles than fine art), a notebook and my passport remain my most prized possessions.

The reason I qualify this as a quirk now, is because I’m no longer in the industry. At least, not professionally.

The lack of press credentials leads people to question why, but I’ve learned to turn a blind eye because satisfying my curiosity is more important to me than satisfying theirs. They’ll learn why when I publish my post.

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Over the course of our 14-year relationship, I’ve taken my husband’s arm and pulled him through many a museum exhibit, historical city and centuries-old building. I cannot explain it, but stepping foot into these places feels like the stories just speak to me. As if to say, tell our story. Take our pictures. Bring your kids next time. Do not let the growth of modern society overtake our place in the world.

It makes me so excited when Nick talks about visiting Civil War battlefields or touring old plantation houses in the South. He brings up chasing the history of World War II through key European cities, and I’ve openly discussed my bucket list satisfying dream of a trip to my maternal family’s home town in Poland. It is my goal to return to New York City for the sole purpose of touring Ellis Island, and reading their signatures in the intake book.

We all have a story to tell. And nothing makes me feel more alive like when I am documenting them.

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