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Target Dollar Spot Hack: Tassel Clutch

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Dear Diary,
Target hypnotizes you.

You intend to pick up nothing more than a gallon of milk, but soon the shine from various aisles within the store casts its spell, and you leave $200 poorer and still without milk.

One section I'm especially drawn to is their dollar section. I rely on this area for blank notecards, small stocking stuffers and teacher gifts. Recently, I found a pretty basic gray felt clutch for $3 and brought it home without question.

The construction was simple, and I discovered I could pull the bottom hem open. I began sewing colorful tassels within the space.

Before they served this purpose, Madelyn loved to play with the colorful tassels I had set aside because like her - I was drawn to their happiness effect. 

When she found me sewing the tassels onto the clutch, she exclaimed, "ooo! That's mine right?"

It was hers.

And you must call her MISS Fancy now.

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