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Our 2016 Christmas Decor

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving have had their turn in the Holiday Spotlight, we've decorated for Christmas!

This year, we opted to keep it simple. We were motivated to put up the decorations the weekend following Thanksgiving so we could enjoy them longer. We have plans to travel - 3 Christmases in 2 states for a grand total of about 16 hours in the car, all to be completed within 3.5 days! We call it the "Round Robin," and though it's fast and furious; the magic of the holiday remains intact.

This is our festive view upon entering the house (photo taken on my iPhone from the entry):

We wrapped our banister in greenery and multi-color lights, which makes the stairwell quite the holiday focal point.

{Tree skirt is handmade.} 

Back when we were still apartment dwellers, we purchased a skinny 6-ft tree and continue to use it to this day. It serves as a sentimental display for the kids' handmade ornaments.

We opted not to put up our full, gigantic, I-don't-know-how-tall Christmas Monster. (Trust me, it's huge and glorious.) Additional furniture purchases meant zero room in our upstairs loft to accommodate The Monster this year, and therefore, not all of our ornaments were hung either.

{Stockings are handmade.}

Our windowsill serves as a nice stand-in for a mantle, and this little vignette makes our upstairs living room loft feel quite cozy. I may purchase some new stocking hooks during the after-holiday sales since my current set has pieces broken off; haven't decided yet though! The glittery trees were pulled from Target's dollar section, and the snowman figurine was a gift from a previous Christmas.

And last, but not least -

I've formed quite the affection for quirky shit lately! Now my children and my guests have the esteemed privilege of experiencing what it's like to "use the facilities" at the North Pole. I'm thinking I need an obnoxious tissue box cover, soap dispenser and toothbrush holder to continue the trend in here. I wish I had captured the kids' expressions when they saw their bathroom - they just lit up!

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