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My DVR has been in overdrive

Tuesday is our most active night for DVR recordings – we are dedicated NCIS viewers and Nick really enjoys Chicago Fire. And the History Channel has been hitting all of the right notes lately, but especially on Tuesday nights.

Cue up The Curse of Oak Island and Hunting Hitler.

I love any show that examines a legend or a historical timeline and seeks to uncover if there is any truth to it. 

The Curse of Oak Island – 
Oak Island is a tree-covered, swampy island located just off the coast of Nova Scotia that has intrigued treasure hunters for over 200 years. Six men have lost their lives in the pursuit of a rumored priceless treasure, and legend states that one more man will have to die before the island reveals its bounty.

A pair of brothers are pursuing a lifelong dream to not only find the treasure, but find answers. They've formed numerous alliances, bridged a few rifts between competing treasure hunters, and brought in modern mining equipment to aid in their search. It seems they find more questions than answers, but I admit - I'm hooked. I can see why this island is so mesmerizing. They're curating a museum on Oak Island that tells its unique story, and I've recently learned the brothers run a winery in Traverse City, Michigan.

So a "weekend warrior" road trip to Michigan may need to happen ...

Hunting Hitler – 
Hunting Hitler is equal parts terrifying and intriguing. With so many intelligence agencies around the world declassifying documents, Nick and I find the show’s premise compelling. I’m not ready to proclaim history is about to be altered; that Hitler did NOT die in his bunker, that he ESCAPED to Argentina and lived well into old age ... but the circumstantial evidence this show examines truly forces you to question everything you thought you knew.

How could this monster, responsible for so much hatred and death, live a simple life in hiding? And if this were all true, did his conscience haunt him as he made his morning coffee? To consider this, makes me nauseous.

The team on Hunting Hitler discovered a supposed photo taken of Hitler in 1961. And all of a sudden, evil is pulled from my grandparents’ generation, to my parents’ and the proximity is just too close for comfort. Even though we are 70 years post-World War, I feel like humanity found a bit of solace in the notion that Hitler died in its final days. This show completely shatters that.

Why History Channel makes me wait a week to find out more, I don't know.

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