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Find of the Week: Battery-Operated Lanterns

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Nick or myself are up a couple of times a night to perform blood sugar checks on Madelyn.

We try not to disturb the children as they sleep (and Madelyn sleeps right through these finger pokes) so I have placed night lights in strategic locations throughout our house. It also helps should one of them wake up to get a drink of water or use the bathroom.

As I was returning to my bedroom one night after a blood sugar check, I thought to myself, "I'm really glad I bought those."

The "those" I am referring to are a pair of battery-operated lanterns I keep above my kitchen cabinets. They provide just enough light that I can see the last step (and avoid the 7" heart attack from missing it). I found them on a Target end cap, and they were heavily discounted because it was the end of the season.

These are marketed as "outdoor" lanterns, but they clearly serve an indoor purpose as well.

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