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When Durable Medical Equipment Isn't So Durable ...

One of the many challenges we have encountered while navigating our way through Diabetes, is the durable medical equipment. (With questions pertaining to the durable part here …)

Now, this is not to contradict what I’ve said in the past about her insulin pump and CGM. The technology itself has been a worthwhile investment, and has vastly improved Madelyn’s health and well-being.

And even though the FDA has approved these items for use by children, they weren’t exactly manufactured with children in mind.

Children run, they play, they go into bounce houses and slide at the playground. They swing and jump off, and do somersaults, and participate in Nerf wars. These “kid being a kid” activities are not kind to some things, and I present to you Exhibit A as proof – 

She had shattered the screen of her CGM receiver. Not on purpose, and certainly one of those accidents watched in slow motion, but it happened just the same. We had to wait a year before we could obtain a new one due to our insurance benefits.

It makes me wonder if there are cushioned cases or something to help protect it? 

And why aren’t the manufacturers of insulin pumps and CGMs manufacturing these items with the knowledge that part of their demographic is children? At age 5, Madelyn already has to be more cautious and responsible than her peers. By no means am I about to tell her she cannot play outside too.

Sure, I could just … take it off, but her receiver must be near her in order for it to serve as a useful tool and maintain its connection. Unless she’s swimming, she must remain hooked up to her pump because she receives continuous drips of background insulin to help keep her blood sugars in check. In order for her to remain healthy, these are the options we have. If I were to remove them every time she wanted to be a kid, she’d become too sick to do so.

Thus, the challenge posed. And thus my frustration – if a corporation is going to label something as “durable,” best make it so.
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