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This is why ...

If I didn’t write about Madelyn’s diabetes, there would still be people who comment she shouldn’t eat cupcakes because “the sugar caused her diabetes in the first place.” (Please read the facts.)  I write, because this disease is isolating and therefore contributes to all of the misconceptions that surround Type 1 Diabetes. (Since Madelyn does not use syringes or insulin pens, I have zero qualms about testing her in public.)

I write about it to build an awareness.

There are still children dying from this wretched disease because it is often misdiagnosed. It is so often mistaken for the flu, or dehydration; thus important to be aware of the symptoms. There are children whose parents can’t afford the necessary supplies or the life-saving insulin. If knowledge is power, then it’s part of our fight.

I understand there is a fine line here, in that it’s also important to respect Madelyn’s privacy. I understand the importance in just letting a child BE. I try to respect that boundary, picking and choosing what I feel is worthy of sharing on a public platform and what is best left amongst us. But I also understand there could be a parent pacing in his child’s hospital room right now; because that child has just been diagnosed, and he is desperately seeking hope, encouragement, and a community.

I was once that parent. And you can do this.

Though I learn something new every single god damn day I manage my daughter’s blood sugars, it is my hope that this parent finds that encouragement within these pages. When the parents are confident, their child will feed off that.

That’s why I write.

#DiabetesAwarenessMonth #NDAM

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