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The Scrapbook On My Console

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Photographs are important to me.

In fact, I have an entire cedar chest full of prints and albums, and it does not even touch the volume of images I have saved on my computer. This image hoarding centers around one thought: you don’t realize how important a photograph is until it’s all you have left.

A single image has the power to transport your memory to a time long since passed. A photograph is literally a moment frozen in time, a documented life, and something I treasure dearly.

Unfortunately, my love for photographs (and photography) does not mesh with my desire for tidiness. Clutter and I do not have a good relationship, and though I appreciate a fine display of family photos – I’m not a fan of a ton of frames sitting on my console table. To further confuse you on my train of thought; the layered look is good for the space above my kitchen cabinets, but not my console table. It’s one of many neuroses I possess.

I decided to take all those family photographs and create a clean scrapbook of the images to display. My goal was to keep it simple and classic – the album is black, and I used adhesive photo corners to display the images. I also purchased a platter stand, hoping it would invite guests and my children to page through.

I made sure to purchase a scrapbook that can be expanded to allow for future additions. Even photo announcements we receive in the mail have found a spot of honor in the album. I have romanticized dreams of seeing this album become a treasured family heirloom that my descendants will also enjoy paging through.

It solves two problem areas: how to display our treasured images in a sleek, streamlined manner; and reduce the amount of visual clutter in my upstairs living room. I appreciate the balance it provides, since the console sits opposites my couch.

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