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The Playground Bench.

At the playground, I sit on a different bench than the other parents.

They eye the cooler I keep close by.

They notice the app I have open on my phone - the one with the graph, a large circle with a number inside, and a directional arrow.

I know they question it.

They hear the beep as my daughter's fanny pack alarms, and she instinctively joins me on the bench.

I can feel their eyes on us as I pull out her receiver (which looks like an iPod) to shut off her alarm.

I watch them position themselves so they can continue to observe in their peripheral.

I clean my daughter's finger with an alcohol swab.

I load a test strip into her meter, and test the drop of blood I produced with her lancet.

"My sister is diabetic," I hear my son say as we wait for the result.

He can feel the stares too.

The result is within range, so I send her back to the playground. The parents' eyes remain fixed on me, but now there's a look of pity amongst them.

I can't imagine ...
They must be so strong ...
How hard ...
Will my child catch it ...

I focus on her giggles. I focus on her smiles, her taunting her brother to catch her.

Sometimes I hate having to sit on a different bench than the other parents, but the truth is, I'm just happy to sit here at all.

#DiabetesAwarenessMonth #NDAM

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