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The Life-Changing Magic of a Rage Clean

It's known in most Mom circles as "the rage clean."
And it's prompted by the most minor, mundane and stupid of reasons, but comes to a head when the build-up inside has finally reached a turning point. You've had it! For me, it's socks that don't make it into laundry baskets ...

Nothing is sacred. Suddenly I'm in the throes of a cleaning session that doesn't discriminate. Dishes are furiously unloaded from the dishwasher and put away, punctuated by the slamming of a cabinet door. Dust bunnies have met their match as their doom is sealed with a swipe of a broom or duster. And children run for the safety of their bedroom sanctuaries, fully aware it's best to just stay out of Mom's way.

But then when it's over, the house is clean and I feel so much better about myself and the situation. Instead of taking out whatever frustrations I may feel on my husband and kids, the house bears the brunt of it all. I exhale, put the last of my cleaning supplies away, and I snuggle on the couch with a child while another wonders aloud if he can fart the melody of Jingle Bells.

And apparently, according to a Google Search, it's a much more common phenomenon that I thought. What sparks a rage clean in your household?

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