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The Netflix Binge

Want to know where my productivity has gone this Fall?
Out the window.
Actually, it's embedded in my Netflix queue because Nick and I have stayed up way too late to watch too many episodes of two series we've been sucked into.

1. Narcos

This docuseries is based on the true events surrounding Pablo Escobar's reign of narcoterrorism in the late 80s/early 90s. Colombia is still trying to overcome the violence and destruction that crippled the country. Nick's been sucked in from day 1, whereas I showed up late to this viewing party. Still, this series is so good!

2. The Ranch

Season 2 went live on October 7. A friend of ours recommended we watch this series, and we finished the first season in a weekend. It's a very interesting take on the ranch lifestyle, and its set in a small town in Colorado. I really enjoy the storyline, and though it touches on some serious topics, there is plenty of humor to keep the mood light. We really enjoy this, and there is a good possibility an upcoming weekend will be dedicated to The Ranch.

What have you been binge-watching?

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