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My Second Hair Donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Dear Diary,
I've long held the belief that little things can add up to really big things.

Take for instance, my hair. To me it is simply that. Hair is just hair.

... Until it isn't.
I fully empathize with the fact that there are situations where hair comes to represent so much more. When a life-threatening disease like cancer claims a person's hair, it can also claim their optimism. When a patient is in the throes of the fight of their life, any bit of normalcy can boost their confidence and resolve to keep moving forward.

So I donate my hair.
It is a small way of showing I stand with those fighting the good fight. It is my way of standing up to cancer as research pushes towards a cure.
The purpose of this post is simple - it is not a call for a pat-on-the-back, but rather to inspire. Think beyond the pocketbook to get involved because it all contributes to the big picture. Even the smallest of gestures add up in the end to paint the beautiful masterpiece that is a cure.

Blurry smart phone photo and all ...
I donated my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. For more information on how you can make a donation - 8" or $8, visit their site

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