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Home Renovations Update

This status report will be simple, because I have nothing to update.

We still haven't purchased flooring for the upstairs bathroom, still haven't called for quotes on paint, still haven't researched which cabinet and countertop refinishing kit to use ...

We walk by the shelving unit stuffed with tools multiple times a day, but beyond a passing "we need to get going here," we haven't done much else.

Okay, we watched the tree "puke," as Madelyn says.

And the kindergartner was fitted for glasses ...

And we went cosmic bowling.

Truthfully, the thought of picking up a paint roller again makes me nauseous.
And September did command our full attention as the kids started school. You'd think that'd mean we've have more time, but as with most transitions, we were constantly scrambling.
When the weekend arrives, Nick and I have opted to go out instead. Or, as the kids prefer, climb amongst the Christmas displays set up in October ...
We did go to Menards, but not for anything construction-related.
And this weekend?
Yeah, you probably won't find me in Home Depot.
But then I'll walk past the shelves overflowing with tools and curse under my breath at its nagging presence. When the to-do list is jumbled with tasks like buy flooring, and call a painter, and buy a cabinet refinisher, and buy a countertop refinisher, and ..., and ..., and ...
You do something else.

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