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Five Years A Minnesotan

It’s been 5 years since I white-knuckled the steering wheel of my car, with our children in the backseat and our trunk loaded with the possessions deemed too important for the U-Haul, and drove to the Twin Cities.

We waved goodbye to the commuter lifestyle.

And now, as I pour my heart into this post, I’m struck by how easy the words flow. A lot has happened since we moved – thankfully there were many more triumphs than trials, and I wouldn’t trade a single moment for the alternative. 

We moved to Minnesota in October 2011.

Madelyn was 7 months old, and upon observing the frenzied pile of boxes throughout our apartment decided that was an ideal time to start crawling. Landen was four years old. It’s crazy to think how young the kids were and how much they’ve grown since then.

They were also the biggest reason why we moved. Nick was based in Minneapolis for his job as a pilot, which meant he spent precious time commuting to and from instead of with us. I’ll never forget the validation felt the first time he returned from a trip and exclaimed, “and if we hadn’t moved, it’d still be another 5 hours before I was home.” 

Aside from my childhood home of course, where I was raised in Cudahy; this is the longest I’ve lived in a city. 

This is where I established my career and threw down some roots with my husband when we purchased our first home. It was here, where we learned to be completely independent – no landlord to call upon when the washing machine died, no relatives on speed dial to watch the kids for an hour so I could grocery shop in peace (but praise to whom invented grocery delivery services). Life was completely dependent upon us, our time management, and our wallet. In the end, we were left with a sense of gratitude, privilege and pride.

It’s also the sole reason I’ve become a coffee-drinker.

We’ve certainly come a long way since the first days a Minnesotan, so the acknowledgement of such progress is worthy. 

I learned the importance of keeping a pair of high heels in my trunk, right beside my winter roads kit. I learned to have a travel-size bottle of contact solution, a contact lens case and waterproof mascara with me at all times. I learned how to operate a snow blower and administer insulin injections. My budgeting skills, couponing game and multi-tasking reached champion-level thresholds. And I learned to never underestimate the safety found in the shared silence beside my husband, as an off-season snow falls outside, with the children tucked into their beds.

St. Paul, in my mind, and thanks to Madelyn’s diabetes, will forever be associated with medicine.

Seeing Madonna at The Excel Energy Center will go down in history as “the most expensive concert ever,” because that’s where I blew out my knee.

I celebrated my 30th birthday with friends I’ve known for over a decade amongst the twinkling lights of the Minneapolis skyline.

And Target Center, where Nick and I experienced the bucket-list satisfying Garth Brooks concert and made on the Jumbo-tron while Trisha Yearwood sang “She’s In Love With The Boy.”

Border Battles between professional Minnesota and Wisconsin teams have become even more competitive.

And we became parent spectators to a lacrosse player.

Minnesota has picked us up, brushed us off and sent us forth on our hard days, then waited for us on a sunny patio with celebratory drinks after a good one. There were never any bad days or bad times.

I can say without a moment’s pause, that I never imagined this is the life I’d be living when I turned out of my Wisconsin apartment for the last time.

Because to summarize what I've learned over the past 5 years, it’s this: trust your intuition, and the crazy ideas that follow suit.

Your heart knows your path, knows the right decision, knows how to achieve your happiness. Listen to it.

You’ll come away with more time, an enlightened sense of self and a clear idea of why you are here.

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