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The First Day of School

And just like that, we have entered the era of the School-ager.

On Tuesday morning, Nick and I dropped off both kids at school.

Though Landen was too cool to be seen with his parents, and after I received a lecture about “swag,” he left us to join his fellow fourth graders. I’m proud to report no tears were shed at kindergarten drop-off (neither myself nor Madelyn), and she excitedly took her seat. 

The only similarity I can report, is that it felt reminiscent of Landen’s first day of kindergarten.

How in those 10 steps from the release of my hand to finding her seat, she instantly transformed. No longer a baby, she was now a student. A big kid. I could have easily burst into tears watching that metamorphosis while the past 5 years flashed before me, combined with the pride I felt. The journey of a thousand steps culminated in the most important she took in that moment, and when I finally exhaled, I knew we had done it.
We survived the challenges of early childhood.

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