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Cool Sh!t We Did Last Weekend

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Dear Photography Diary,

As summer fades to fall, our weekends give way to fall-centric activities like apple-picking, pumpkin patch-browsing, leaf-raking, and Halloween-planning fun.

Recently, we spent a crisp Saturday morning at Afton AppleOrchard near Hastings, MN. Our children would argue that the highlight of this visit was shooting apples at targets out of an air cannon.

This sheep was so very gluttonous, but also quite humorous. It seemed to beg the kids for food, which naturally, motivated them to spoil him rotten. Madelyn was a little timid at first, but eventually warmed up to it.

 "You got any more of them pellets, kid?"


Our weekend capped with an alumni event at the Twins game – Nick’s alma mater reserved one of the suites at Target Field, where we took in the final home game of the season. Now THIS, is how you watch baseball! Included: happy hour with friends. 

Love a glittery skyline <3

Got any cool sh!t to share?

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