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Review: A Bag That Grows With Your Babies

When I became a mother, I learned two (of many!) things to be true: the size of my heart had grown tenfold, as did the size of my bag.
I quickly learned however, it's not just the size of the bag that counts - size does not matter when you can't find what you need, at the moment you need it, as a child cries waiting to be fed or changed.
Or when it's so flimsy a light breeze topples it, spewing the contents on the ground ...
Or you can't find your car keys, your cell phone, a hair tie, your chap stick ...
Or your husband can't find something ...
{I am carrying The Duke.}
A Minneapolis-based business created by a mother frustrated by the black hole abyss that defines most diaper bags on today's market, her vision beautifully blends high-end style with seamless organization. Not only do the bags carry a classic look, but include multiple removable, nylon (easy-to-clean!) zippered pouches that allow you to customize your organization.
And well, I was intrigued.
Though my children have long since left the baby stage, I still require a bag that multi-tasks. I'm often carrying not only my necessities, but also my daughter's diabetes supplies. With Austin | Fowler, everything has a place, and there is a place for everything. Case in point, these bags are made for motherhood.
They are versatile - they double as a weekender.

And triple as a do-it-all work bag.
As a Mom, I wear many hats and I finally found a stylish, durable bag that can keep up with my pace. On days we go from school drop-off, to work, to sports practice/game/appointment/play date/etc., and finally home for the evening - I am prepared.
... Or in this case, shopping with my girl.

Check out their new styles online here, and watch for them in stores throughout the Twin Cities and beyond!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated for this honest, unbiased review that is 100% my own, in any form. Stephanie is a friend of mine, and I've carried her creation for nearly a year now. The bag is as beautiful as the day it was purchased, despite my putting it to the test, and I can say with confidence that this bag is legit! See for yourself by shopping here.

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