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Lacrosse: The End of the Season

Dear Diary,

Participation in lacrosse is on the upswing in Minnesota, and sitting sideline for my son's games have been some of the most fun, tense, rewarding, stressful and of course, proud moments of my life.

{The Thunder Brothers}

And until Landen starting playing, I had very little exposure beyond the first American Pie movie to the sport. I didn't know anything about how the game was played, let alone that our garden shed would house a regulation net plus more equipment than what is stocked at some sporting goods stores.

The concept is very similar to hockey, but has roots in the cultural traditions of the Iroquois people who called the East Coast home. This is why it was regarded as a "northeast" sport for so long, but has since grown beyond the region.

The sport was speculated to have started in 1100 AD, but was well-established by the seventeenth century. Over time, it has evolved to what it is today.

Lacrosse is a full contact sport, at least it is for males. Played between two teams using a small rubber ball (that hurts if it hits you) and the easily-recognizable lacrosse stick. The objective is to evade the defense's checks, slashes and sticks through cradling, then throw it past the goalie and into the net for a point.

See? Like hockey, but with balls.

Landen has since wrapped up his 2016 season with an impressive (16-1) record and a 3rd place finish at his tournament. Until next season ...

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